Solidarity of Churches and organizations with “Fridays for Future”

In 2018 the Ecumenical Network for Climate Justice was founded, in which 21 Catholic dioceses, Protestant Regional Churches, church organisations and initiatives, as well as development organisations in the meantime have joined together (www.kirchen–

Some church organisations and representatives of the churches have already shown solidarity with “Fridays for Future”.  Following this example, we as churches, church ministries and organisations in the Ecumenical Network for Climate Justice also call for solidarity with the demands of “Fridays for Future”, and call upon other churches, church ministries, and organisations and initiatives to also support this appeal:

With protest actions in more than 100 countries and in Germany alone in almost 200 locations, hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren have for weeks been sending out an impressive signal for a more consistent commitment to fight the climate crisis, and for a secure future. We as churches and church organisations pay great respect to the protesters, and support the concerns of the younger generation.

Their urgent call to change our ways is truly justified in view of advancing climate change and the far too hesitant actions taken in politics and society.  For many years the churches have also been working for climate justice, but we confess that we too are doing too little, and that we are not consistent enough in implementing our own demands. We therefore take seriously the call of young people to change our ways. It reminds us of core statements of the Christian faith on the integrity of creation and solidarity with our neighbours.

We therefore ask the members of our churches and church organisations to significantly strengthen their commitment to climate justice, in their personal lives as well as in their churches and their social lives. Become “Churches for Future”!

We ask our parishes and congregations to support the concerns of “Fridays for Future” in their intercessions in their services.  We propose the following prayer:

“Good God, every Friday young people take to the streets and demonstrate for more decisive and consistent action in politics and society to limit climate change. We are grateful for their commitment and their urgent calls to change our ways, which open our eyes to our failure.  For all the people, who stand up for the integrity of creation and for the rights of the poor, and of future generations, we ask you to protect them and bless them.”

Furthermore we suggest that we make regional contact with the initiators of „Fridays for Future“, in order to establish whether, and if so when, they need support from the churches, church organisations and initiatives.

If your church, your area of work in the church, your church organisation or initiative supports this appeal and is in solidarity with the concerns of “Fridays for Future”  , then send an E-Mail with the following data to churchesforfutureatoenwkg [dot] de:

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  • These Regional Churches, Bishoprics, areas of church work and organisations in the Ecumenical Network for Climate Justice call for solidarity with the concerns of “Fridays for Future”.